Todd Bowles Irked by Sheldon’s comments?

Todd Bowles expressed his frustration this past Tuesday regarding Sheldon Richardson’s comments about former teammate Brandon Marshall. Bowles went on to say “They know how I feel. We’ve addressed it. I really don’t have time for a bunch of B.S. that happened a year ago. We had six months to talk about it. All that s–t is over. Richardson’s been well informed of that, and we move on from there.”

I personally cant seemed to understand why Sheldon continues to ride this Brandon Marshall train, enough is enough. We get it, he was a diva at times last year and you were the one to call him out for it. As a fan I respect Sheldon for how Marshall made him feel and this believe it or not does prove Sheldon’s commitment to the guys in that locker room. But at the end of the day whats done is done and we’re on to a new season, you have to agree for Bowles and respect the way he went about this unnecessary distraction. Things like this is why we can make the conclusion that the Jets are fed up with Sheldon and the mouth he continues to open, as for his play on the field? The needs to take a big step this year for him to have any respectable chance on the open market this upcoming offseason.



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