How to Embrace this Season.

This morning as I was listening to a little sports radio, I came across a host speaking about how this Jets season is in comparison to “ripping off a bandaid.” And the more I listened the more I agreed with what he was saying, he was right. This Jets season isn’t going to be one of the most exciting ones we’ve gone through, and it won’t end with us making a playoff run.. not even close. This season needs to be more about our young roster developing and showing promise for the future. Can Leonard Williams become the all-pro player we know he can be? Can this safety tandem show signs of legitimacy the more this season goes on? And will Robby Anderson really become the dynamic player we’ve lacked one the outside for years? These questions should be the first of many we focus on as tho 2017 begins. Trying to make an unrealistic playoff push and winning 6-8 worthless games will leave us with this same situation next year, the same situation we’ve been dealing with for years. Going 2-14 or 3-13 will not be fun, I can’t agree with you more. But you know what will make it worth it? Seeing one of these top quarterbacks in college make strides and be sitting there for us come this April. So just take a step back and think as you’re driving down to the beach next year, will you be excited to hear about our new rookie QB taking first team reps in practice or do you want to be listening to another defensive back having a great practice but won’t ultimately lead us to where we all want to be. It’s going to be alright Jets fans, better years are ahead for us. We just need to “rip the bandaid off.”

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