Jeremy Bates – Our new OC

Well it seems that we will be going into the 2018 season with yet again another new offensive coordinator. Adam Schefter reported this morning that quarterbacks coach, Jeremy Bates, will be promoted to offensive coordinator. Bates was the offensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks in 2010 while finishing with a very up and down season. He was the quarterbacks coach with the Denver Broncos under Mike Shanahan, he is responsible for being very influential in Jay Cutlers only Pro Bowl season. When Todd Bowles let go of John Morton last week, Bates was immediately pinned as the front runner for the job. He had a reputation in the building for being the brightest offensive mind on the staff and very involved in the offensive game plans for the upcoming week.

What does this hire necessarily mean? Im going to be honest with you guys, Im not quite sure myself. I love the reputation he seems to have and the experience he has already being an offensive coordinator. Also, Bates was known as one of the hottest up and coming offensive coaches under Mike Shanahan before taking a 4 year leave from the league. Do I think he can be a good fit with Kirk Cousins if we go out in free agency and sign the quarterback? Yes I do, I believe that the Shanahan connection will be appealing to Cousins as he himself saw success with both Mike and Kyle Shanahan. If for whatever reason we dont sign Kirk Cousins I do trust Bates to identify which college quarterback to pursue that he feels he can mold and create a scheme to work around thus player. Believe it or not this offensive coordinator leaves me with the most confidence when it comes to drafting potentially the next face of the franchise.

Lets see how Bates constructs his offensive staff along with Todd Bowles and hope that he can bring this offense along. As well as identify what quarterback he feels will be the greatest fit for the system hes trying to implement.




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