Rick Dennison brought on to be Run Game Coordinator & Offensive Line Coach

It has been rumored since the start of Senior Bowl week that the Jets were planning on interviewing former Broncos and Bills OC Rick Dennison. It is expected that Bowles will make Bates his OC, thus leading Dennison to replace Steve Marshall as the teams offensive line coach – He will also assist Bates as a run game coordinator. Bates was a coach alongside Dennison back in 2008 for the Broncos as Dennison was the OC and Bates was his QB coach, that also happened to be the only year Jay Cutler made the pro bowl. Personally I like the hire because these two have worked together before, while also having some success. If Bates is going to be the OC then he absolutely had a role in this hire, and from what I’ve heard Bates has a tremendous offensive mind – so I trust his opinion. This story was first broke by Adam Schefter @ ESPN.

Also rumored to join the Jets offensive staff is Brian Callahan the former Lions QB coach who was one of Todd Bowles top OC targets last year. Brian Callahan was let go by the Lions this offseason in the wake of Jim Caldwell firing. Hiring Brian wont be an easy task as he is also interviewing with the Titans to become Mike Vrabels OC, so well have to see what happens. From what I’ve read the Jets are preparing for Callahan to take that position if hes offered it, I mean being an OC is obviously more desired then a QB coach. If that does happen dont rule out Bates also being the QB coach along with an assistant. But if by some grace of god Brian Callahan decides to come on board and be the QB coach with Bates, this could be the best offensive staff Bowles has assembled since being here.


Picture courtesy of newyorkupstate.com

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