The Alex Smith to the Redskins impact.

Well one team that we needed out of the way to land our quarterback is indeed out of the way. The Washington Redskins have hopped off the Cousins train and brought Alex Smith over from the Chiefs for a third round draft choice and a player to be named. This was my biggest question when debating the Kirk Cousins possibility with people – will the Redskins actually let him walk? They did just that today and the Jets will have their checkbook open from tonight until March 14th. The Jets chances of signing Cousins have just increased tremendously, but naturally there will be some competition for his services. The Broncos, Bills,  Cleveland all make sense in their own ways. But let’s be real nobody has the cap space to compete like the Jets and Brown – does He really want to play in Cleveland though? The Jets MUST break the bank and go get their franchise quarterback who they have been so desperately lacking for quite some time now. Buckle up folks, this Jets offseason is about to get interesting.

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