How Keenum Affects Our Cousins Chase

As most of you heard today, the Minnesota Vikings will not be placing the franchise tag on quarterback Case Keenum. Yes this is disappointing as I was holding out hope he did enough last year for them to slap the tag on him – but I’m not surprised at all. Now Minnesota moves into one of the top landing spots for the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes and if I was a betting man – he’ll end up there.

The Jets now have some stiff competition when it comes to their continued search for a franchise quarterback – the Vikings. A team that has about $50 million in cap space with the potential for more with some minor roster moves they could potentially make. This Minnesota team is very good – starting with their top flight defense, the play makers they posses on offense and the chance to play their home games in a beautiful brand new dome, its almost a no brainier if you ask me. The only drawback in regards to Minnesota is the amount of potential free agents they have coming up in 2019 – names like Stefon Diggs, Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, Brian Robinson and Sharrif Floyd all are going to be up for new deals. So is this move for Teddy Bridgewater to be back as their starter? Are they planning on bringing in a lower level FA vet to be his back up? We wont know exactly until the FA period opens on March 14th. The Jets on the other hand will have to sell Kirk on the potential this team has, the opportunity to win in New York, their plans to build the team after he signs (very key) & his marketing potential in this city – also a boat load of money to go along with all of that. There are plenty of positives and negatives with both teams for Kirk to consider, as we can fully expect him to weigh back and forth before making his final decision.

None of us know the future or know what exactly Kirk is prioritizing when deciding the team hes going to cash in with. If he decides to go with Minnesota and be their guy I fully anticipate the Jets resigning quarterback Josh McCown and finding their guy in this upcoming draft in April. Mike Maccagnan and Co. will not only have to open up that check book and make Kirk a very rich man – but will also have to make a lasting impression on what kind of opportunity the Jets will present for his career moving forward.

– Michael Barry, creator of @Homeofthejets1


Photo courtesy of CBSSports

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