Jets CEO Christopher Johnson Has High Praise For Sam Darnold.

The Jets waged a lot when they moved up to 3rd overall with the Colts after they pulled off a deal this past St. Patrick’s Day. Draft Day luck struck the Jets again this year as their number one ranked quarterback fell right in their laps, Sam Darnold. If the Jets had made a move with Cleveland for the 1st overall selection Darnold would have still been the pick. Hats off to GM Mike Maccagnan for taking a risk and being rewarded with the gift of a franchise quarterback.

Darnold will be given every opportunity to start week one and will eventually relieve Josh McCown at some point mid year if he doesn’t win the job out of camp. Bowles and Maccagnan couldn’t praise Darnold more showing a great deal of confidence in him. But those two key Jets decision makers aren’t the only ones showing their confidence in the young quarterback. Today Jets CEO Christopher Johnson had some exuberant words when speaking about Darnold; “I honestly think people are going to look back 20 years from now and say this is the moment the Jets shifted into a new gear, that they became a great team.” Johnson said all of this in an interview with ESPN’s Rich Cimini.

Having the support and confidence from the owner is big for Darnold as he begins his journey to becoming the franchise quarterback the Jets have been searching for years for. Reading Christopher Johnson’s words makes my confidence in Sam Darnold – that much stronger.

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