Jets trade Teddy Bridgewater to the Saints for a 3rd round pick.

The Jets have just traded quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and a 2019 6th round pick to the New Orleans Saints for a 2019 3rd round draft choice – a fantastic move for the Jets front office. A few months ago many Jets fans scratched their heads when Teddy was initially signed, myself included. But that signing was made very smart today after this deal was made. The Jets now can go two ways with this extra draft pick, remember they still dont have a 2019 2nd rounder which was dealt to the Colts in order to move up and select Sam Darnold.

  1. Sit on this pick and keep it in the vault, they can use this pick to move up in the draft to select a certain player they have their eyes on.
  2. Package this pick along with some others to obtain a pass rusher like Dante Fowler (Jaguars), Shane Ray (Broncos) or the big prize – Khalil Mack (Raiders).

The Jets made out in this deal as did the Saints, in their own way. Sam Darnold will slide in and be the starting quarterback – a job a deservedly won. What we do with these picks moving forward is a win-win situation, now we just have to sit back and continue to trust Mike Maccagnan and his staff.



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