Week 2 Recap: Dolphins beat Jets in opener 20-12.

Well we all knew there was going to be some bumps along the way, even the teams that win the Super Bowl experience some tough losses throughout the season. Throughout this game it felt like for every step we took forward we followed it up with taking five steps backwards. The Jets could not overcome some early turnovers that put them in some difficult positions, but the Dolphins kept the door open for the Jets for pretty much the entire game. On a short week here until we play Cleveland this Thursday the Jets needs to put this behind them, get ready for a hungry Browns team and take care of business. Thursday nights are tough games, but if the Jets can get out of Cleveland with a win bringing them to 2-1 I’ll be plenty confident.

Week 2 observations:

  • Sam Darnold played a gritty game from the start, but absolutely showed that he was a rookie at times – this was obviously bound to happen. Some plays he made he would like to have back and will learn from film and others were flashes of his potential that resulted in another player not finishing. At the end of the day Darnold finished 25/41 with 334 yards, 1 TD and 2 INT. I fully expect Sam to bounce back and lead this team to a win this upcoming Thursday night.
  • The running game was non-existent, the Dolphins defensive front kept the Jets rushing attack in check. The Jets are going to try and establish the run in games this year to help open things up for Sam in the passing game. Powell and Crowell finished for a combined 41 yards, that will have to change in order for the Jets to have success in week 3.
  • Field position was an absolute killer to start off this game, actually for pretty much the entire first half. The Jets consistently started with the ball inside the 20 as Andre Roberts let some balls bounce which were ultimately extremely well played by the Dolphins – hats off to them. When we were driving early in the 1st quarter which would have either flipped the field or gave us points Darnold threw his first INT that instantly erased that possibility.
  • Turnovers, penalties, blown coverages and mental lapses are things you try not to do one of the four of during the course of a game. But to win a game where you do ALL four things any time momentum turns your way is a tough way to win a football game. These are all things that can be adjusted and reviewed when the team goes back to the film. Hopefully they can learn from this performance and use it to bounce back against a Cleveland team that is another loss away from entering crisis mode.


Picture courtesy of the NY Jets.

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