Jets look to bounce back against the Browns this Thursday night

The Jets need to come out from the start and leave no doubt on the field in Cleveland this upcoming Thursday. This Browns team is better then they were last year when the Jets beat them, but they still aren’t a great team. I fully anticipate Darnold to come out and protect the football Thursday night, If he can do that and keep this team in the game – our defense will take care of the rest. Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry, Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson are the only real play making threats on the offensive side of the ball for the Browns. Leaving Cleveland with a win bringing us to 2-1 will be big for us as we are on the road in week 4 in Jacksonville.

Home of the Jets keys to victory:

  1. Take care of the football. Whether we’re talking about Sam Darnold’s interceptions or lazy ball carrying leading to fumbles, we need to protect the ball. Playing a clean offensive game and causing the turnovers on the defensive side of the ball will give the Jets plenty of opportunities to win this game – just like they did in Detroit.
  2. Limiting the penalties goes hand and hand with the turnovers, the point I’m driving at is playing a clean game – enough with shooting ourselves in the foot when momentum finally turns our way (the Miami game).
  3. Containing Tyrod Taylor’s ability to run with the football will be a major key for this defense, which they have experience with because of his time in Buffalo. I would emulate our defensive game plan after how we contained him the last time we were on Thursday night against Buffalo. Not allowing Tyrod to break the pocket and scramble for first downs with get this defense off the field most often then not.
  4. Establish the running game will be important for the Jets – it’ll also help open up the passing game for Sam Darnold by keeping the defense honest. In week 1 the Jets offensive line got off the ball very well, getting to the second level on runs allowing Crowell and Powell to find cut back lanes consistently. Darnold has great success off play action from under center and out of the gun, that will be an important contributor to the Jets offensive success.


Picture courtesy of NFL Network.

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