Week 3 Recap: Jets fall for their second straight loss to the Browns 21-17

I’ll be completely honest with all of you right now, when halftime came around last night there was something inside of me that just knew we were going to lose this game to Baker and the Browns. At the time I wasn’t too sure what exactly it was that was leading to these feelings, but by the end of the game I had an idea. This is what life is like when we have a rookie QB with still a weak offense and coaching staff around him, there is no way around it. The Jets have a mini bye this week with a 10 day break before they have to travel down to Jacksonville and take on probably the best team in the entire AFC.

Week 3 observations:

  • I am usually very patient when it comes to head coaches and their coaching staff, I was with Rex and I am with Todd – but the consistent deficiencies I am seeing with Todd and his staff are becoming very apparent. I gave him some leeway after the 2015 season when his deficiencies as a head coach reared it’s ugly head week 16 in Buffalo, I mean how do you have a veteran team and lay an egg with the playoffs staring you in the face. So lets fast forward and lump these past two seasons and these first three weeks together and agree we are still seeing the incompetence from this team at times which starts with the coaching staff. The inability to make adjustments is comical, I mean just for starters Antonio Callaway was having his absolute way with Mo Claiborne last night – why does it take until 2 penalties and multiple third down conversions to switch up coverage and put our CB1 on this guy and isolate him. As a defensive coach I need to see him make an executive decision there and change some things up sooner, take away the opposing quarterbacks strength and first read – he’s a rookie as well for god sake.
  • The offensive side was an absolute joke, to me it seemed like they were going to run off tackle, run sweeps and throw screens no matter what – win or lose. Listen I get it Myles Garret is a tremendous up and coming pass rusher who very well could be and should be in the defensive MVP discussion by the time this year ends. But the offense should not be designed strictly around him and the threat he posses, I can’t even imagine the game plan Bates will draw up when we have to take on a Jacksonville team that has pro bowl talent at pretty much every position on that defensive front. The idea of bringing in a young innovative offensive coach that we can pair with Sam Darnold moving forward is becoming more appealing week in and week out, especially if this is the Bates offense we have to watch this entire season.
  • The Sam Darnold honeymoon is certainly over, he did not play well last night at all – to me this was a combination of him being a rookie, a short week to prepare and not put in enough positions to make plays with his strengths. The kid absolutely has talent there is no doubt about it and if you are hopping off the Darnold train, then good riddance because he’s going to be great. But he needs to continue to learn how to be a QB in the NFL and he will do just that the more games he plays and situations like last night he is put in. The only worry that I have and you bet your ass Mike Maccagnan and Christopher Johnson will begin to have is if this goes on this season, do we trust this coaching staff with our potential franchise quarterback.
  • The combination of 90+ million in cap space, Sam Darnold and another draft are keeping me from totally losing my mind when it comes to the state of this team. The fourth factor that is starting to be included in this is bringing in an offensive minded head coach that can open up this offense and incorporate a scheme that benefits what our quarterback has success with. Because of Sam Darnold and the cap capital this team will have heading into the offseason, I am confident in our chances of luring this type of coach in to take this team where they want to ultimately go.


Picture courtesy of the New York Jets.

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