Week 4 Recap: The Jets fall to the Jaguars in ugly fashion to make it three in a row

Well we all had an idea that game was going to be really tough to win, but to get embarrassed like that from the start to finish – totally unacceptable. The offense again could not get anything going, Darnold is getting minimal time to make his reads, every big play is negated by a penalty and the run game is non existent. As for the defense, what a joke – the Jaguars ran crossing routes the entire game. Almost every third down the Jaguars converted was converted via a crossing route, where are the adjustments? This game further proves my take on Bowles after last weeks nightmare against the Browns, the Jets continue to come out looking like an unprepared team that gets completely outplayed showing no fire. How many times do we have to continue to put ourselves through this? Bowles has to be on the hottest seat in the league and rightfully so, I fully anticipate a John Fox with the Bears/Jeff Fisher with the Rams type ending here for the Jets head coach.

Week 4 observations:

  • Todd Bowles, it was great knowing ya – but was it? Different Sunday same nonsense from this guy and his team. How many times do I have to hear that the players came out “flat”, you play once a week! Flat!? enough. This team is beginning to take on the attitude of the coach and it is not going over well, as you are seeing far too consistently. This team is not winning more then 4 games this year, no chance – Bowles needs to be and most likely will be let go as this season concludes.
  • The offense was exhausting to watch, no life, no tempo, they couldn’t get anything going leading to our defense being on the field way too much for such a hot day down in Florida. The line is absolutely suspect, mostly the left side with Beachum and Carpenter, Beachum could not keep up with this defensive line without holding on for dear life which resulted in two big plays negated. He then was put in an absolute blender by Calais Campbell which lead to the early second half safety. I love Darnold, he is going to be a heck of a football player in the future and he will learn an absolute ton this year. All I ask is please do not get hurt behind this line and with an offensive coordinator who refuses to max protect/put Sam in positions to succeed. This kid needs an offensive minded coach who can develop Sam and play to his strengths, putting him in positions to succeed. Cough cough John DeFilippo.
  • Isn’t Todd Bowles a defensive minded coach? Didn’t he run some pretty effective defenses out in Arizona before becoming the Jets head coach? Let me ask this question, why in the hell are we sitting in zone coverage the entire day that continues to get picked apart – by BLAKE BORTLES. I mean give me a break, every third down conversion was a crossing route by DeDe Westbrook that didn’t have a defender in coverage for a good 7-10 yards, I was calling it out from my god damn couch. At least give me a defense that will keep us in games and be competitive, but between the inability to make adjustments to what the offense is doing to you and constantly being on the field they aren’t going to keep us in many games at all.
  • My last bone to pick before moving on, please Andre Roberts I cant watch you misjudge a punt and let it roll to the 1 yard line – please start fair catching these balls!


Photo courtesy of the NY Jets

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