Week 7 Recap: Jets aren’t on the Vikings level quite yet in 37-17 loss

I mean if you are a realistic Jets fan, and I know there are a handful of you out there still – this was a tough match up for the Jets even if we were a completely healthy ball club. The injuries to Marcus Maye and Quincy Enunwa both proved costly on Sunday as the offense was in desperate need of a spark from anybody and the big plays Minnesota hit could have been avoided if Maye was in the lineup, but nobody knows that for sure.  The Jets have a young promising quarterback in Sam Darnold and a young team around him in general, we saw Sunday that we are not quite at the level of the Vikings just yet. The Jets need to infuse this roster with some more talent, specifically on the offensive side of the ball. We will see in the coming days if Mike Maccagnan can swing a deal to bring in a player that can help Sam on offense for the remainder of the season and 2019 as well. This loss does not bother me that much really at all, the Vikings are a better team and will be competing for a Super Bowl deep into this season. We were just reminded of what the Jets need to do in order to take the next steps forward.

Week 7 Observations:

  • The defense played a decent game, much better in the first half then the second half (obviously) – but they were the only reason we were in this game for as long as we were. Jamal Adams is out of his mind good and should be an absolute Pro Bowler at the end of this year, the guy is constantly by the ball – I must say his name 10-20 times throughout the game. The rest of the unit played good football other then the big plays that gave Minnesota the early lead then their second long touchdown which put the game away. Daryl Roberts I thought played one of his better games as a Jet, he was making plays on the ball, making tackles and even was in position to make a play on the Adam Theilen touchdown – he wasn’t completely beat on that play in the least bit. This defense is good and will only get better throughout the season once Maye is back healthy, improve the pass rush and corner depth will be the focus during the offseason.
  • The offense really did not play well at all this game, the injuries to Quincy Enunwa and Terrelle Pryor showed. This offense needs a spark, they need a guy who can come in and make a big play either for a score or to set us up for a score, they need a guy who opposing defenses can scheme against – we have none of this. I can’t watch Andre Roberts and Charon Peake run routes for Sam Darnold, It makes me physically uncomfortable to see – they are special teams players and that is all. The bright spot for this offense would be the emergence of TE Chris Herndon  – it seems as if him and Darnold are developing the chemistry we all hoped they would, this will be something I root for as this season progresses. As long as we continue to have mediocre talent dropping balls and making gut wrenching mistakes this offense isn’t going to do much of anything. At this point I am begging Mike Maccagnan to make a move for someone of any talent to come in and help contribute for this team.
  • The special teams did not make any plays to win us this game and they didn’t make any plays to loose us this game. Yes, should Andre Roberts have fair caught a ball that he didn’t – yes. But I’m not going to sit here and nit pick every little detail that in the grand scheme of things did not have much of an effect on the outcome of this game. Jason Myers seemed to fair better with the wind then Dan Bailey throughout the day continuing to impress me and make me eat my words I was saying about him when he was initially signed (that’s a good thing).


Its on to Chicago now then to Miami for two back to back road games before we head home for a match up against the Bills leading us into our bye week. I am hoping the Jets can stay healthy and take 2 of these next 3 games heading into bye week at 5-4.


Picture courtesy of nyjets.com 

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