Week 8 Recap: Banged Up and Unprepared Jets Fall to the Bears 24-10

Another Sunday another bad loss from the Jets against a Bears team that was banged up as well, but the Jets decided to continue to play undisciplined football leading to about 85 yards of offense through the first three quarters. I mean I’m already exhausted from thinking of what needs to be done for this team moving forward. Listen I get it players are hurt and we have a rookie QB, it sounds like a broken record at this point. But I really dont know how many losses I can go through watching a team that constantly shoots themselves in the foot from boneheaded plays to penalties that kill drives. The Jets defense kept this team in the game for far much longer then they deserved to be in, kind of similar to last week against the Vikings. Of course until the Jets pull a nice touchdown drive out of their butts the defense follows it up by getting shredded by the Bears offense leading to another score. This Jets team is not good, they have limited talent and a coaching staff that is running out of time one week at a time.

Week 8 Observations:

  • Uhm well the offense was terrible, there is no other way to really say it. Jeremy Bates leaves me more and more confused on a weekly basis, the vanilla offense and predictable play calls are exhausting to watch at this point. When the Jets offense takes the field I literally feel physical pain, my stomach drops and begin to feel anxiety. The Jets decided to not feature TE Chris Herndon at all in the offense other than his third touchdown in as many weeks, the only touchdown scored by the Jets yesterday. The running attack was non-existent and so predictable that the Bears could have called their defensive game with their eyes closed. The Jets so desperately need an innovative offensive minded head coach that can come in here and implement his offense that will put some of these guys and obviously new players in positions to succeed. But that wont happen until the Jets decide to let coach Todd Bowles walk at the end of the season, hopefully.
  • The defense did what the defense usually does, they keep us in the game for about three and a half quarters until they need to make a legitimate stop or they are just too gassed to continue to play at the high level they start off playing at. Once they got into a rhythm against Mitch Trubisky and applied some pressure on him they were getting off the field on third downs but then were right back on the field because like I said above, the offense was terrible. If this defense can obtain a few more talented pieces and play with an offense that puts up points there is no telling just how good the Jets can finally become. This unit will continue to keep games close until they can’t and at this point I’m not sure Bowles can retain his job without his defense actually winning games for this team as well.

All this losing is becoming tiring and frustrating all at the same time, I sit and watch these Jets games and become amazed at the inept things this team continues to do to loose. I never like to get caught up in firing a coach, especially at this point in the season because it makes the season even harder then it already is. But with a young rookie quarterback this franchise needs to be aggressive in its search for an offensive minded head coach to pair with Sam Darnold. The NFL game is changing as we all know, just watch the Chiefs and Rams – the Jets need to bring in a coach and players that will eventually get them into the same conversations as the two teams just mentioned.


Picture courtesy of newyorkjets.com

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