Week 9 Recap: Todd Bowles & The Jets Get Embarrassed Down In Miami Losing 13-6.

That’s about it for the Todd Bowles era here in New York, the performance of his team down in Miami yesterday officially was the nail in the coffin. I mean when I watch this guy on the sideline I couldn’t feel less confident in a human being, did anyone see him react to the decision of sending Jason Myers out for a field goal to make it 13-6? The guy was literally screaming looking back and forth as if he was looking for approval from anyone who has a clue. Everyone is fed up with this nonsense that has been going on with this organization for the past 5 years, Christopher Johnson stated at the beginning of the year he needed to see obvious progression – that’s the last thing we’ve seen this year and changes need to be made because of it. We have reached a point in the season where all we need is Sam Darnold to stay healthy and not develop bad habits because this coaching staff has ZERO idea what to do with our potential franchise quarterback. This season is over and the sun has finally set on Todd Bowles as we will sadly have to ride out the remainder of this season with him at the helm.

Week 9 Observations:

  • This offense is an absolute joke, it’s such a joke I don’t even know where to begin here. Jeremy Bates!? where in the hell is the creativity to your system, how many times do I have to watch two guys run routes on a play call – TWO guys! Oh and if neither of these guys gets open Darnold is supposed to go where with the football? This is absolutely inexcusable in today’s NFL where teams are going up and down the field with ease, while the Jets dont get a first down until the 3rd quarter!? Chris Herndon, Trenton Cannon, Eli McGuire, Robby Anderson and Quincy Enunwa need to be featured in this offense all over the freaking place. Get the ball in your best and fastest players hands and lets see what we can do, I mean isn’t that the name of the game? Putting the ball in your play-makers hands giving them the chance to score your team points to ultimately win football games – hello? The fact that I need to sit and watch this offense for another 7 weeks make me physically ill. Keep yourself healthy Sam, please.
  • What else does this defense need to do this season, granted they aren’t one of the best defenses in the league but they have kept this team in every game except against the Jacksonville Jaguars. You know what is out of control? Is the Jets offense gave up more points then the actual defense! That is unreal. I mean If I was busting my butt on the defensive side of the ball and had to continue to watch the offense go out there and lose us game I’d be absolutely livid. When you start hearing your best player and team leader in Jamal Adams saying things like “enough is enough” and “I’m sick of losing” that’s when you have to start worrying about this coach losing his team. I don’t give a damn what culture this coach has been building, it results in losses and clearly needs to change. I’ve said this time and time again this year, get this defense a legit edge rusher and secondary depth in the offseason and they will continue to take steps in the right direction.
  • I couldn’t feel worse for a player then how I feel for Sam Darnold, give the kid a freaking break! Between catching snaps over his head and at his feet, its effecting the reads he gets on a defense because he’s too worried about where the snap is going to be – so his timing is all sorts of off. His receivers are either not hustling, yeah I’m looking at you Jermaine Kearse the way you’re running your routes I can man you up and I couldn’t be more serious about that or they’re being completely locked down because they just aren’t that good. People are saying the Jets should sit him, I think that idea is BS – keep him out there as long as he is not getting pummeled. He’ll work through this and gain some experience he will not get from sitting on the sideline. He will be able to exhale as this season progresses because the games will start to mean less and less, Darnold will welcome a new system next year along with better offensive talent around him.


The Jets are in somewhat of a good spot moving forward here, not necessarily this year – at all. But the 100+ million in cap space, the high draft pick, Sam Darnold and the ability to bring in a new offensive minded coach will all be positive moves for this franchise – just look at LA and Chicago. As frustrating as this year has become after such a promising start in Detroit, just continue to ride it out and know the end of this coaching regimes era is right on the door step.


Picture courtesy of nyjets.com 


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