Week 10 Recap: The Bills Embarrass The Jets With a 41-10 Win at MetLife Stadium

What a waste of a Sunday we had watching our Jets get ABSOLUTELY man handled by a team that averaged around 10 points a game so far this year with a quarterback (Matt Barkley) who has been on the team for 11 days, yeah that’s right – 11 DAYS! The Jets took the field Sunday and looked flat, unprepared and for the first time like a team that just gave up, flat and unprepared though – shocker. This loss right here has sealed Todd Bowles fate who wont be fired until seasons end, at this point who cares – we all know he’s out of here this way or another. The Jets defense played with zero passion almost as if after last weeks game against the Miami Dolphins was the straw that broke their backs and the offense – well they continued to be atrocious, going 1-12 on third downs – pretty amazing.

Since 2015 this team under Todd Bowles has been an absolute nightmare, this era of Jets football will be right there with the Rich Kotite days we had to suffer through during the early 90’s. I said this earlier in the year and I will say it again, Todd Bowles gave us a sneak preview into what his tenure was going to be like when his team was unprepared and outplayed against Buffalo week 16 of the 2015 season. All he needed to do was get his team ready to win one game, one game! Which would have allowed them the chance to get into the playoffs and at the point anything is possible, but no the Jets were smacked in the mouth by their former coach and knocked out of the playoff race. We didn’t know then, but that was a warning sign for all of us.

Week 10 Observations

  • Oh the offense is an absolute joke and it starts with Jeremy Bates, who this past week expressed how he wanted to be more “aggressive” and explosive with the offense. Give me a break? aggressive? I literally sit and watch these games and call out the play type every drive this team has, I mean If I can predict what’s about to happen I can’t even imagine the field day these defensive coordinators are having when they prepare for the Jets. Josh McCown looked every bit like a quarterback who hasn’t started a single game since the end of last year, essentially sitting out the entire training camp leading up to this season. The offensive line isn’t good at all, they either get embarrassingly beat off the ball or commit a penalty as a result of getting beat off the ball. Pencil this position group at the top of the list with edge rusher and skill position players as a group that needs to be completely renovated. When Sam Darnold comes back after the bye, all I am looking for from him is to stay healthy most importantly and be smarter with his reads resulting in less turnovers. As long as he does that for the remainder of this season while keeping himself safe, I’ll be totally fine with that.
  • The defense didn’t show up either and I mean after their all or nothing performance last week that resulted in a gut wrenching loss against the Dolphins, I don’t blame them. I do blame them for their post game comments in support of coach Bowles after they gave that kind of a performance. How in the hell can you talk as if you “love” and will “ride or die” with Todd Bowles and then give that same coach the performance you just did. Give me a break with this unit, they are just an under performing group that carries themselves as if they are one of the top defenses in the league – and they aren’t even close. The Buffalo Bills controlled the ball for 45 minutes for the entire game, 45 minutes! Between the offense delivering another performance that took them out of the game after the first three drives and the defense showing no passion or fight, this game was over right away.

All of this that I just wrote leaves me extremely frustrated as someone who dedicates a good amount of their life to this team. Whether it be writing about them like this on my site, tweeting throughout a majority of my days with fellow fans or watching them all day at my home or going to the stadium – this is all incredibly deflating. There will be some changes coming to this team as this season comes to an end, coaches will be fired and players will be let go. For the first time in a long time I hope this teams management makes the right decisions bringing in football people who can take this team where we so desperately want to be.


Picture courtesy of nyjets.com 

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