Week 13 Recap: Jets Blow 4th Quarter Lead In Classic Fashion Losing 26-22 To The Titans.

Ahhhh man what a season this has been for the New York freaking Jets huh? When you think that this team cant reach a new low, they prove you wrong and show you how much worse they can actually be. The Jets this weekend came out playing somewhat respectable football against a Titans team who is clinging on to playoff hope on the road in Nashville. The defense came out playing fast and physical football leading to several three and outs, not allowing the Titans to really generate much on offense. But as this game went on, the more all Jets fans (well at least myself) knew the inevitable fate that was in store for the Jets that night. This season has been exhausting to say the least between some key players getting banged up early in the year and the consistent ways we continue to lose, has brought me to the point in the year where quite honestly I can’t wait for this all to be over. We all know whats going to happen when this season is done, Todd Bowles will lose his job leading to drastic changes along the staff as well as the roster – because changes NEED to be made. 

Week 13 Observations:

  • Jeremy Bates is one of if not the worst offensive coordinators I have ever had to watch call a football game. At the start of this game verse the Titans I was believe it or not enjoying how they were playing and actually rooting for them to continue playing well and show a little fight and if we wound up winning then so be it. But as the offense became more and more stagnant thanks to the masterful play calls by Bates I was all in on the Jets losing, that’s how much this team pissed me off throughout this game. One play stood out to me in the 3rd quarter when the Jets were pinned at around their own 10 yard line, the set was trips left with Isaiah Crowell in the backfield and the tight end far side. All THREE receivers ran come backs at different levels under the sticks and Crowell snuck through the line up the middle sitting in the zone, again short of the sticks. Josh McCown tried to force it into Quincy Enunwa who sat in the zone a good 2 yards from Crowell thus leading to a pass break up by the linebacker who didn’t have to cover much space at all because he pretty much had two receivers in his responsibility. I mean the lack of creativeness out of this offense is so terrible it is such a huge factor in why this team is 3-9 and cannot put games away or sustain a drive to stay in the game when they need to. I’ll be honest I was looking forward to Jeremy Bates being our offensive coordinator after he was the QB coach last year, I expected so much more from him and out of this offense. Thankfully we only have to watch this guy and his nonsense for just 4 more games before he is given his pink slip along with the rest of the staff on “Black Monday”. 
  • This game against the Titans has been the story of the defense for this entire 2018 season, a lot of it obviously falls on them but the lack of success the offense continues to have does not help either. The defense came out fast and physical to start this game, forcing some sacks and a pick 6 by Trumaine Johnson (welcome to the party Tru!), but as this game continued and momentum began to shift in the Titans favor the defense committed horrible penalty after horrible penalty finalizing in a game winning touchdown for Carey Davis and the Titans. This defense isn’t great but they certainly aren’t bad the undisciplined penalties in crucial moments needs to be figured out before the 2019 season, how? I have no idea – but the new staff that comes in needs to figure it the hell out. But once this defense adds an edge rusher this offseason who can consistently sack or disrupt the quarterback, add some cornerback depth and hopefully welcome back a healthy Marcus Maye – they will win us some games moving forward as long as the offense can keep them in it over the course of 4 quarters (a big IF). 

Picture courtesy of nyjets.com 

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