Week 14 Recap: Game Winning Drive Leads Jets To A 27-23 Win Over The Bills.

Woo! Let me tell you I needed that game so badly especially the way we won that game, come on if you’re a Jets fan and not excited about that – I’m not sure what to tell you. Sam Darnold gets the ball back with under 2 minutes to play and he orchestrates a game winning drive, making throw after throw to get us down the field – not to tie it with a field goal but to win it with a touchdown. Let me tell you something give me more Sam Darnold growth and success over these last three games instead of the “we need to lose” talk in order to get us in prime position in this years upcoming draft. I’ll worry about the draft in April, wouldn’t you rather see your young franchise quarterback show you promise leaving you confident going into the offseason and 2019 season? The Jets are going to finish the season with a good pick regardless of what happens down the stretch, but this team needs exactly what happened up in Buffalo to hang their hat on as we head into the offseason.  The defense played well creating some turnovers, but boy once they get their pass rusher and tweak the secondary a little bit they’ll have the potential to be even better.  The offense again was a joke to open up this game, the fact that they even won this game is remarkable but I digress, I mean you only throw the ball six times in the first half? SIX TIMES!? Give me a break, look at what Sam Darnold is capable of doing in the positions he is being put in under Todd Bowles and Jeremy Bates – just imagine what he is capable of doing with an offensive coach who has a clue and the addition of some new offensive talent that will be put around him. This was a good win mainly because of the way it was won, if this game was won with Josh McCown at the helm I would have been disappointed – but having Sam Darnold be an essential part of this win making the throws and plays he made, sign me up for this the rest of the way to finish out this 2018 season. 

Week 14 Observations:

  • Well… Jeremy Bates did all he could to sabotage yet another game as he thought it would be wise to only throw the ball six times in the first half, ughh I just don’t get this guy – but I’m not going to beat the dead horse here. I mean its 3rd & 12 and Bates decides it’s wise to run a dive play, what was he thinking? He was going to catch the defense off guard and break a 12 yard run – give me a break. In the second half though he opened it up a little bit giving Sam the opportunity to make some plays with his arm and athletic ability. I thought Eli McGuire and Trenton Cannon both ran well, these guys deserve more touches as they seem to do a better job at creating plays for themselves in comparison to Isaiah Crowell who did leave the game yesterday with I’m going to assume was the toe issue he’s been dealing with and missed most of practice last week with. If this team can finish this season strong while seeing continued promise from young talent like Sam Darnold, Eli McGuire, Trenton Cannon, Chris Herndon, Quincy Enunwa and Robby Anderson there is going to be a lot to be excited about heading into the offseason and and the 2019 season – just get these guys around an offensive mind who has a clue. Lets see if these guys can continue to make plays and be involved against the Houston Texans this upcoming Saturday. 
  • Does Andre Roberts deserve to be in the Pro Bowl? Yes. Does Jason Myers deserve to be in the Pro Bowl? Yes. Has special teams coach Brant Boyer done a hell of a job with this special teams unit this year? Yes. Every unit on special teams has been playing sound football for much of this season, we have Andre Roberts returning balls to mid field with ease on a weekly basis and kicker Jason Myers drilling any field goal we take from anywhere on the field. The punt coverage unit has been solid, our punt return unit has been solid – I mean Brant Boyer absolutely deserves an interview with the new staff to stay on board with this group. One last note: Andre Roberts and Jason Myers deserve to be Jets in 2019. 
  • How you been Trumaine Johnson!? Has Tru been hearing the rumbling from fans and the media about his play in comparison to what he’s being paid? Maybe. Either way he has three interceptions in the last two games putting together some bounce back performances that are slowly quieting the doubters. The defense played a sound game yesterday once they decided to figure out how to limit Josh Allen from running all over the damn field on them. Making Josh Allen sit back there in the pocket and have to make plays with his arm was exactly how the Jets were going to beat this Bills team and sure enough they got the interception they needed to close out this game. I like this defense and they are fun to watch, they just need to tweak some things personnel wise this offseason (edge rusher) that will help them close the gap from being a good defense to a great defense. 

Picture courtesy of nyjets.com


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