Week 15 Recap: Sam Darnold Shines In 29-22 Loss To The Texans

Well that was refreshing, even though we lost this game Sam Darnold played his absolute best game as a pro on Saturday verse the Houston Texans. He looked great, making plays with his feet, showing great presence in the pocket, delivering great throws while working through his reads – it was so impressive watching him. For the first time this year it looked as if the game has slowed down for him a little bit, he was breaking the huddle early, he looked poised pre snap and made athletic plays all night. At times during this game my mouth would drop when he delivered balls through tight windows rolling to his left, his right or climbing the pocket. I did feel as if he was on the field all by himself as it was pretty obvious this Jets team needs much more talent around him to help really take this thing to the next level. Just imagine what this kid could do with an improved offensive line, more play-makers on the outside and a running game that can legitimately keep a defense honest. It seems as if the few weeks Sam Darnold was out with his sprained foot did him a world of good, allowing him to see what it takes to be a starting quarterback in this league from another perspective. If he can close out these final two games with solid performances like this past Saturday the Jets will have to feel confident heading into this offseason with one thing on their minds – surrounding Sam Darnold with a competent coaching staff and upgraded talent around him. 

Week 15 Observations:

  • The offense played arguably their best game this weekend thanks in large part to Sam Darnold and his legs and right arm. As I mentioned earlier the kid was electric, reading the field and making plays with his legs and arm – sometimes both on one play. Robby Anderson had one of his better games as it seems Darnold and him are creating that chemistry they seemed to have lacked when this season first started, Anderson will be back next year to continue this chemistry along with some new additions the Jets will be expected to add. Chris Herndon will be the Jets starting tight end for the foreseeable future as long as he continues to make the plays he’s been making, the guy continues to take steps forward as this season progresses. What really blows my mind is how Sam Darnold was spreading the ball around to all of his receivers, he wasn’t falling in love with one guy as we saw at times during this year with Quincy Enunwa. This team has a bright future with Sam Darnold at the helm, as long as they hire a competent coach once they let Todd Bowles go and bring in some surrounding talent we’re in for a fun ride. 
  • The defense played a good game, they made some big stops, got after the quarterback a little bit but didn’t come up with the big stop when the game was on the line. That seems to be a common theme when it comes to this defensive unit this year, much different then the Texans defense who once the game was in their hands they shut the Jets down to end the night. That is what this Jets defense is needing they must obtain multiple players who can collapse the pocket and put their foot on the throat of an opposing team when its time to close a game out deep in the fourth quarter. Once the Texans had the lead and the Jets came on the field with about 2 minutes remaining that defense took over, they rushed only four and dropped the rest into coverage and got to Darnold multiple times. THAT is what this Jets defense needs to do moving forward if they want to start making some noise. 

We have two more weeks of this season Jets fans, there are big changes coming for this team. We will see a new coaching staff for the 2019 season with a much different looking roster, this was a rough year as we all expected a little bit more. But brighter days are upon us, I can feel it- 2019 is going to be a fun one something we’ve all deserved for a long time. 

Picture courtesy of nyjets.com

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