Round 1: The Jets select QB Sam Darnold

Well the Jets didn’t have to “Suck for Sam” as much as we thought they needed to throughout this entire season. Can we give credit to Mike Maccagnan here as he made a move up the board to #3 with the Colts, resulting in criticism amongst many in the NFL community. The reality of the situation is that criticism should be put to rest because that climb up the board resulted in the drafts best quarterback falling into our lap.

Sam Darnold is an absolute stud, a gamer to say the least – check last years Rose Bowl game and this years game against Texas if you need further proof of that. The thing that attracts me most about Darnold is his ability to create outside the pocket while continuing to keep his eyes down field. Some of his best throws come from him moving up in the pocket while delivering a strike down field. As for what he brings to the Jets I believe we all can finally hope and recognize the game changer we have from the quarterback position. Darnold will have no pressure to become the man of the city overnight as he will be paired with Josh McCown who brings a veteran presence that will have nothing but a positive affect on how Sam navigates through his rookie season. He can come in this season and be the guy opening day if it’s deserved, week 8 or later in the season. Whenever his time comes, the Jets finally have a young quarterback they can be confident in.

So the Jets select Darnold, the Bills reach and select Josh Allen, Miami has Tannehill  coming back from two knee surgeries and of course Tom Brady is as good as finished after this season or next. Our work here is far from finished Jets fans but that light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter and brighter. Tomorrow night we will add another piece to the puzzle in the 3rd round, lets keep this thing going.

  • Written by: Michael Barry; creator of Home of the Jets 

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