Into the Draft: My Top 4 Quarterbacks of 2019

  1. Will Grier; West Virginia
  2. Justin Herbert, Oregon
  3. Drew Lock, Missouri
  4. Ryan Finley, NC State
  • This is a promising group, but a group that doesn’t compare to the potential that the 2018 quarterback class possessed – at least right now. All of them posses strong arms and good size, none have the physical attributes like Baker Mayfield had this year (height & hands). But there are a handful of guys who will separate themselves from the pack as this college football season gets under way. To start it off I have Will Grier as my QB1 in this draft for his sure ability to make all the throws from the pocket, his size and durability that will be a plus for coaches trying to figure out if he can perform at a high level in the NFL. Justin Herbert comes in at number two, the athletic ability this kid has while keeping his eyes down field is impressive. He has good ball placement and can make all the throws, after another year under his belt he will have great ball placement to go along with his strong arm. Drew Lock has great size and can make big time throws but also makes some throws that leave you scratching your head (his game vs Auburn last year) – shows some similarities to Josh Allen who I wasn’t high on at all, but let’s see this through. Finally, to round out my top 4 heading into this 2018 college football season, is my personal favorite – Ryan Finley. Finley isn’t going to make any “wow” plays with his feet or roll out to the left and make an 80 yard throw across his body, but he’s a health of a quarterback who is tough as nails. He is very smooth in the pocket, keeping his eyes down field going through his reads. He posses a strong arm but what jumps out to me most is his accuracy and touch. If Finley can mature and continue to improve on his game, he has a very good chance to move up my list come next draft season.

All of these guys had your typical sophomore and junior seasons, they performed well showing promise to become the next potential franchise quarterback. Each showed instances where they can make professional throws but bring you back to reality with some head scratching decisions. It’ll be important that they all continue to develop and take steps forward in their development as quarterbacks – I believe each guy in my “Top 4” can and will do just that this season. This group of players will be carefully watched and compared to the class of 2018 quarterbacks that just were selected in April – let’s see if they can separate themselves.

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