Elijah McGuire & Rontez Miles Activated

According to the New York Jets running back Elijah McGuire and safety Rontez Miles have been activated to the 53 man roster from the short term IR. In order for these moves to be made the Jets waived safety Ibraheim Campbell and running back De’Angelo Henderson, I expect one of these guys to revert back to the practice squad – probably Henderson as he’s been there for the majority of the season already.

These moves aren’t going to automatically turn around our season but they will definitely bring a boost to a roster that has been dealing with their share of injuries so far. Elijah will be welcomed into the backfield as he, Isaiah Crowell and Trenton Cannon will get their chances to pick up the slack after Bilal Powell’s season ending neck injury. I am really looking forward to seeing what McGuire and Cannon can do with the ball when they are given their chances. You have to envision Rontez Miles being inserted back into a full time role on all special teams units and will rotate in on defense when the Jets show certain looks or if a player needs a spell. I am a big fan of both these players who will finally debut this week and look to help this team string along some wins for the remainder of the season.


Pictures courtesy of nyjets.com 


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